Clough 6 Davies 0

Supporters who like to criticise Nigel Clough might like to consider the following: –

  1. I am prepared to bet anybody £1,000 that Nigel will never be splashed across the front pages of newspapers due to allegations about his private life – unlike certain former managers.
  2. Unlike certain former managers, he doesn’t constantly whine and blame everybody else for his shortcomings. He has made mistakes, but he stands up and takes the flak when we lose and generally concentrates on the football, rather than agitating against his own employers.
  3. We don’t play boring, negative football with the idea of drawing or grinding out a 1-0 win every week.
  4. Nigel hasn’t had the opportunity to spend millions and millions of pounds, as certain former managers did. Rather, Nigel had to spend the first period of his tenure clearing out the dross he inherited when that money was wasted in scandalous fashion. When he has spent, the investments have generally proved to be very good (Barker, Brayford, Bailey, Cywka)
  5. The character of the club, the timbre, is set by the manager. I feel that the character of the club is something I can truly support and get enthusiastic about, for the first time since the Jim Smith era – and even so, this is better, because it’s sustainable, rather than us relying on outstanding imports, who proved to be irreplaceable.
  6. The club is being developed for the long-term. Clough will not gob off to the press in January demanding players for a promotion push. Even if he did, those players would not be Gary Teale, Jay McEveley and Jon Macken.

I just hope we can Ram it to Forest on the 29th December, but even if the unthinkable happens and we lose, I’d still rather be in our shoes than theirs, because I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve got Nigel and they’ve got Billy Sodding Davies.

Rant over!

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3 Responses to Clough 6 Davies 0

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  2. lazerock says:

    True dat!

  3. Rob says:

    You forgot to mention Lee Croft

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