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Why is Conor Doyle a target for the boo-boys?

Wilco – Ashes of American Flags At the Huddersfield Town game, it was surprising to see young Conor Doyle lining up in the starting XI – although to be fair, I’ve been surprised to see him included in the 18 … Continue reading

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The Week That Was #11 Peterborough United (A) + International Break

I had a bad feeling about the Peterborough United game and unfortunately, my gut instinct – that trouble was brewing, that the injury problems were finally starting to really bite (again) – proved to be accurate.  In the most depressing … Continue reading

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Rip It Up and Start Again

OK, so Kris Commons is history, blah blah blah. For all that he’s done exceptionally well this season, I am genuinely not arsed.  In the modern era, it’s dangerous to get overly attached to players, when they aren’t tied to … Continue reading

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Unedited version of Sky blog (post Hull City defeat 14/9/10)

It’s hard to know where to begin. If you’d told me as I walked through the grim, damp streets of Leeds, trying to hide my delight at Derby’s opening day win at Elland Road, that five games later, we’d only … Continue reading

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Give the Lad a Chance – Conor Doyle, Amari Morgan-Smith, Joel Ledgister, Marc Hatvani, Courtney Chipperfield, Nick Langford, Jordan Bowen, Alex Sunasky, Oliver Nicholas, Paris Cowan-Hall, Netan Sansara, Euan Holden

As someone who clearly has nothing better to do, I keep an eye on the teamsheets for the reserve team fixtures and have noticed that this season, Cloughie has been ready to give trials to many players who have been … Continue reading

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