Points per Game

Here’s a little graph showing our points per game for the season when you split it up into results against the top six, 7th – 12th, 13th – 18th and the bottom six: –

Results vs…

Top Six        P12 W2 D3 L7  Pts 9 PPG 0.75
7th – 12th    P10 W3 D3 L4 Pts 12 PPG 1.20
13th – 18th  P12 W5 D4 L3 Pts 19 PPG 1.58
Bottom Six P12 W6 D3 L3 Pts 21 PPG 1.75

As you can see, there is a very clear pattern to our season.  We struggled to get anything against the sides who finished in the play-offs, improved a bit against the teams who finished around us and did much better against the bottom half – especially the stragglers.

The only one of the bottom six we failed to beat at home was Wolves, so we were certainly able to pick off the weakest teams.  Let’s see if we can be more competitive against the best sides next season.  We will need to be if we are to achieve Sam Rush’s stated aim of challenging for a play-off place.

(This originally featured as a mini-post at www.facebook.com/derbycountyblog)

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