Do you want to be the next manager of Derby County?

…Not in real life, obviously.

Last year, Sports Interactive tried to get together a virtual Football Manager Championship season and asked me if I would be up for trying to pilot the Rams to glory. I said I would and so they sent me a copy of the game – which I reviewed – but unfortunately, for logistical reasons, the tournament itself never happened.

I started playing FM at the age of about 14 and only quit during my second year at uni, when I realised that it was either stop playing it or make a mess of my degree. Reintroduced to its fiendishly addictive pleasures last year, I created a successful DCFC team which, by the time I deleted the game, featured George Thorne (before he was cool!), Joel Campbell, Marcos Rojo, the brilliant German prospect Julian Brandt and the phenomenonal Will Hughes, who had just received his first call-up to the England squad. The last match I played was a delirious 4-1 home thumping of Arsenal, by which point, I had lost many, many hours to the beautiful, dangerous game…  I decided at that point that enough was enough.

Anyway, self-indulgent waffle aside – SI have resurrected the idea of a full FM Championship tourny, in which, bloggers will recreate the full 2014/5 season for their beloved club.  I can’t commit to doing it, but said I’d be glad to help them find somebody who would be up for it.

All you have to do is play the fixtures against your counterpart blogger in versus mode, within the actual game week of their actual match.  So if we’re playing Boro away on a Tuesday and Huddersfield at home on the Saturday, you’d need to play both fixtures in the game by the Sunday of that week.

So, who’s up for it?  I expect whoever takes this challenge on to commit to it, to keep me posted on how they’re doing and contribute guest posts for me.  And I expect them to cyber-stuff Forest…  No excuses.

If you’re a keen FM player and want to take on this challenge, email me at, letting me know why you think you’re the right person to guide the Rams to virtual Championship glory.  If I appoint you as DCFC manager, I’ll put you in touch with SI for all the info you need…


Ol / DCB

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