Derby County BlogCast, Episode #3 – September reviewed

September was nuts, wasn’t it?  From the soaring high of deserved victory at Old Trafford, plus a 6-1 aggregate romp at Hull and putting much-fancied Brentford to the sword at Pride Park, to the gutting lows of dreadful 1-0 defeats at Rotherham and Bolton.  

Unsurprisingly, there was much to discuss in the September BlogCast, with my usual compadre Chris Smith and our first guest panellist of the season, Liz Slattery.  We talked about the fabled mirage of ‘consistency’, the younger players making a name for themselves, the stirring victory at Old Trafford (of course), the exasperating crash at Bolton days later and gave Frank Lampard marks out of ten for his work so far.

Stream or download the BlogCast here

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