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Why England’s pain could prove to be Derby County’s gain

It may have escaped your notice, but this summer, England became the European champions.  While the men’s team were hamstrung by Roy Hodgson’s decision to take on the world without a midfield in Brazil, the Under 17s were beating the … Continue reading

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Your Application for a Loan-back has been Refused…

As the transfer window slowly creaks shut, so the speculation around clubs in the Premier League and Championship intensifies.  Some of it will have foundations and it does seem to be the case that Liverpool are seriously interested in our … Continue reading

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Welcome to Derby County – Adam Smith

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Derbycountyblog land on Thursday, because that was the day when news broke that John Brayford had been sold to the Redbirds of Cardiff.  Alas and indeed alack. These ill-tidings put a … Continue reading

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Miles Ahead

There are so many stories about professionals who can never seem to stay fit, who succumb to niggles, or who are just luckless enough to have their career blighted or shortened.  There aren’t so many stories like Miles Addison‘s. Having … Continue reading

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Ideas to help the England national team – and why the Premier League won't make them happen

Elland Road yesterday was a real treat for all of us – more thoughts on that will follow shortly! For now, I’m happy basking in the glow of three points and happy that nobody tried to lamp me on my … Continue reading

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